Dental Blue Select FAQs

No. There is no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive services such as routine checkups and cleanings. Waiting periods may apply to basic and major services. Please refer to your Benefit Booklet for details on your specific dental plan.

No, there is no annual deductible. Dental Blue Select features a $100 lifetime deductible that applies to all services (diagnostic and preventive, basic and major services), except orthodontia services. Orthodontia services do not have a deductible.

Orthodontia service is an optional benefit which your employer can choose to include in coverage. Please contact your Group Administrator or refer to your Benefit Booklet to determine if Orthodontia is part of your plan

Yes, you will have an ID card for your medical plan and a different ID card for your Dental Blue Select plan.

Please call Dental Blue Select Claim Customer Service at 1-888-471-2738.

Most dentists will file a claim on your behalf, then bill you for any charges not covered under your Blue Cross NC plan. If your dentist will not file the claim for you, pay the dentist at your visit and submit your claim to Blue Cross NC for reimbursement.

Download the Dental Blue Select claim form, complete it and mail to:

Blue Cross NC
Dental Blue Select Claims Unit
PO Box 2400
Winston-Salem, NC 27102