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Whether you need information about prescription drugs or pharmacy services, you'll find it here. We've partnered with Prime Therapeutics to give you a search tool that’s easy to use.1

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View your drug list, forms and other resources for the Essential 6 Tier Q Formulary

You can find your Rx letter code in the lower right corner of your member ID card (shown in the blue circle below). If you don't have a letter on your member ID card, please log in to Blue Connect.

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View the drug list, forms and other resources for the Essential 6 Tier Q Formulary

New Vaccine Pharmacy List*

Shots for Flu, Pneumonia and Shingles are now covered by your pharmacy benefits. Use this state-by-state list to find a vaccinating pharmacy near you. When using the Prime Therapeutics search tool, be sure to select the appropriate network based on your benefit plan and then Filter by “Vaccine pharmacy.”
(*excludes Medicare and State Health Plan members.)


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Specialty Drug Retail Network

If you've been prescribed a specialty drug, you'll want to check the specialty drug list (pdf) to see if you must buy it at a Blue Cross NC network pharmacy. We've contracted with a network of pharmacies committed to better pricing to make sure specialty drugs stay affordable for our members.

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1. Prime Therapeutics, LLC is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services. Medco Health Solutions, Inc. is an Express Scripts Holding Company. Please note that information from the Prime Therapeutics website is maintained and governed entirely by Prime Therapeutics and not controlled by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina in any way.