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“It's Not About How Old is our Brand, It's About How Experienced Are We”!

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24/7 Customer Support

We understand Your customer's needs and demands with our 24/7 support

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Multiple Services

We can provide any service a company needed, whether chat support, email marketing Etc.

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9+ Years of Global Experience

Our Brand is new, But have all Experienced Team with us to deliver you the best.

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Quality Service, Efficient Solutions, 24/7 Customer for Any Time Zone

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Can Handle Any Business Marketing With Ease

An excellent choice for those who want to grow their client database.
Blue OnCall generated way more leads for us than any other outsourcing service. And that’s the kind of job only pros can do!

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It has been a great pleasure working with the Blue OnCall Team.
Their team members are very fast learners and comply with all best practices when dealing with our customers.

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Since Blue OnCall joined the team, agents haven’t missed any calls or messages from customers.
The engagement continues to succeed due to their reliable assistance, accessibility, outstanding price point, and rapid incorporation of feedback.

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Outsourcing customer services
tailored to your business needs

Blue OnCall provides the most suitable customer service professionals for small businesses and medium-sized companies alike. We have the capacity to make you a favorable offer based on the individual needs of your brand, while taking all of your preferences into account. Based on our experience in outsourced customer support, we have various pricing bundles available that consist of a monthly fee for any size project and budget. [Click Here] to find out more about our Pricing Options and getting a Custom Quote.

Here at Blue OnCall, we understand that every business will need to have a unique approach in order to reach their customer base. As a result, our pricing policy is flexible for everyone who needs customer service outsourcing at the most affordable price. Whether you own a small company or a big enterprise, we will quickly find the right way to help you. Our primary goal is to understand your business needs, and make a detailed analysis from there to provide you with services that work the best for you. If you can’t find the appropriate pricing option, feel free to send us a request [here] and we will generate a custom quote. Regardless of which plan you choose, we guarantee that there will be no surprise charges or extra fees.

Blue OnCall offers multilingual customer services globally and creating customized solutions to solve any problems related to customer care. While other offers standard model, our company can create the most effective strategies exclusively for every client, earning them a spot at the top of the industry. Our primary clients are owners of small and medium-sized companies who get to experience e-commerce, startups, and gaming support from qualified specialists who handle everything from front to back office at lower operational costs.

Here at Blue OnCall, we strive to give our clients the opportunity to focus on growing their business while we take care of the day to day operations, whether it be inbound and feedback calls or customer upselling and emails. When you hire us for your back office needs, you will benefit from data entry, content moderation, and knowledge base assistance, along with making the best use of your resources.

Our experts know exactly how to build interactive communication with your customers to strengthen their loyalty to your brand, all while establishing long-term and productive relationships and boosting overall satisfaction

Stellar customer service is an essential component of every organization, and every business owner knows that their company will not succeed with low quality customer interaction. Attracting new clients and keeping the loyal ones coming back for more is vital, therefore customers will need to experience a personal approach from your company personnel to stay satisfied.

While there are a lot of companies that lack the staff of time to properly handle the needs of their clients, this does not have to be you. To protect your business from the failure that is so commonly seen among small or mid-sized businesses and startups, you can turn to Blue OnCall to take these tedious tasks off your hands. We promise to find a powerful strategy that will match your customers’ needs, without any additional and unnecessary expenses on your part.

Outsourcing customer service will also help your employees focus on their day-to-day work instead of responding to clients’ requests, which will boost productivity all around. When you consult with us, we guarantee that you will be cooperating with a team of trained and qualified managers and support representatives who already possess the necessary skills that are needed to give your customers the best possible experience. By analyzing the methods of which your customers contact you, we will be able to create an effective strategy that suits all of those platforms.

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