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Our telephone marketing services such as upselling, warm calling, and lead calling service are a part of our customer care services, including feedback and inbound calls. We believe that the business leaders benefit from outsourcing companies like ours to improve sale strategies and build stronger long-term relations with their clients. Why not becoming one of them?

Experience best customer service: upselling

Customer service upselling refers to online selling of services and products or telemarketing handled by members of our call centers. Upselling is an effective strategy used to draw client’s attention to the better and more expensive product or to the savings to be made by buying more products.

Why are we the best?

We know how to upsell a customer. Our agents are going to educate your clients about the choices of products and services, enabling them to make better decisions. This is a great way to boost your business and inform your clients about the benefits you offer, resolve any issues, and answer any questions. Our company develops a unique approach towards every company. That’s why our clients prefer us.

Warm calling and calling your leads

We are the leading provider of upselling and “call my leads for me” services. Outsourcing to us, you will get an access to numerous advantages. We call your leads – you get your business improved!

Using the telemarketing strategies mentioned above we will:

  • Help your customers make better decisions and ensure their loyalty;
  • Dial your leads to attract more regular customers;
  • Save your resources in terms of manpower and costs;
  • Build harmonious relations between you and your customers to build brand-loyalty.


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