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Our Front End Support: 

Customers are a tough crowd. It’s hard work to cater for their needs, let alone to make an impression that actually lasts. In this competitive corporate world, you need to understand your customers, not just help them. Otherwise, they’ll be quick to switch to another competing service, which is exactly the kind of scenario that every business owner wants to avoid. So how can we help you get more clients in your daily business interactions?

Front End Services: 

Our customers call us the experts in turning customer’s “thanks” into a “Wow!” For the last few years, we have created multiple call centers from scratch, always bringing the attention to our client’s brand. We are professionals in:

  • Inbound calls;
  • Customer upselling;
  • Feedback calls.

Outsource to us. Get the wow experience

We are rich-in-experience company helping small business and big enterprises win more customers over and strengthen the loyalty of standing ones. Our aim is to provide quick and efficient solutions to all inbound issues that your clients turn to you with. In short, we help your business grow and flourish through front line services tailored to your customers’ needs.

Frontline customer service challenges? Outsource to us!

The way clients interact with businesses is always changing. And we don’t stop either. We keep up with the changes and offer frontline services that match customers’ demands.

  • All solutions are unique and based on your business requirements;
  • No price packages or subscriptions;
  • We use metrics that fit your business needs;
  • Smart technology and modern tools for flawless operations;

Choosing the best frontline customer service

Take the next step and find out what we can do for you.

Inbound calls

Struggle to streamline your inbound call process? Stop wrestling with it. Instead choose a flexible and functional call center at Blue OnCall. Our specially trained agents will resolve your customers’ issues in a fast-and-furious mode, creating a “wow” effect! Choosing us means that you will strengthen relationships with your customers, save time, reduce operational costs, and naturally boost revenue.

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Feedback calls

Struggle to find an efficient tool to manage your customers’ feedback? That can be hard. Besides, if you want to make the most out of your business and fight off the competition, you should know everything about your buyers and their needs. Blue OnCall knows the best ways to get customer feedback, analyze, and manage it. Stay on top of what your customers think with our accurate surveys!

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Customer upselling

Selling products associated with your customer’s’ original purchase is an amazing idea, right? This only can be made through a set of wise tactics. Our agents will help your clients realize their needs and make an additional purchase. On top of that, we master tactics that are destined to generate more upsells for your business.

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E-mails (helpdesk)

Swamped by incoming emails from your clients? There is a way out. Email support at Blue OnCall is your chance to save time and get all customers’ requests fulfilled fast and in a professional manner. From choosing a platform to manage your correspondence to writing personalized emails – we’ve got you covered. Our effective responses will soften the blow of your clients’ daily issues.

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Feel like you could use a good live chat support? You know, the one that could work all hours of the night and on weekends? If that’s what you need, than Blue OnCall would be the most comprehensive choice. It is quick, serves customers in real time and can be a powerful tool to convert users into buyers!

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Dedicated agent

A high-quality dedicated agent service not only reduces costs, but also helps you gain a good reputation and build brand trust. Ready-made solutions of dedicated customer service help you navigate the customers deluge and are extremely helpful for both small and large businesses that are interested in the rapid deployment of flexible solutions and getting a fully equipped office without special expenses.

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