Tools to Make Health Care Easy

Blue Cross NC offers members easy 24/7 access to a suite of online and mobile tools, combined with excellent service and the user experience you expect from Blue.

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What is Blue Connect?

You can take control of your health care with Blue Connect, the easy-to-use gateway to all our online tools. Sign up or log in at

Manage your plan

Get fast access to your critical plan details

  • View your coverage details
  • Access info on claims, deductibles and expenses
  • View digital Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • View your digital ID card or order a new card
  • View your Health Care Summary Report
  • View premium bills and make payments
  • Manage fund accounts (HRA / HSA)
  • Set your contact preferences
  • Send and receive messages via your secure inbox
  • Access Blue365™ discounts
Manage your plan

Find a doctor or dentist

Know before you go

  • View provider ratings and reviews from members
  • Search in-network providers who are close to you
  • See provider expertise, specialties and education
  • See provider awards and recognitions
Find a doctor

Find a pharmacy or drug

Locate a pharmacy and understand the cost of prescriptions

  • Find the nearest pharmacy that accepts your health plan
  • Compare prescription drug costs
  • Estimate costs on future medicines or refills
  • Learn more about how to save on prescription drugs
Find drug

Find the nearest Urgent Care center

Save time and money by using an Urgent Care center

This can be the best choice for non-critical situations such as:

  • Simple fractures or sprains
  • Flu or cold symptoms (such as fever, sore throat, ear pain)
  • Minor cuts and burns
  • Mild asthma
  • Rashes and other skin irritations
Find Urgent care

Find the right price

Be sure your care works for your budget – before you go

This can be the best choice for non-critical situations such as:

  • Learn your estimated costs for medical procedures and services
  • Compare costs at different facilities so you can make an informed choice for your care

Find price

Learn about health care

Learn how to live healthier every day

Access useful wellness tools to help you make healthy choices

  • Preventive care resources that support you in your personal health goals, such as managing your weight, getting exercise and eating healthy
  • Help for members who are managing chronic health conditions


Your health plan to go, all in your control

Blue Connect Mobile is a free mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, in both English and Spanish.

Blue Cross NC Apps

Get your digital member ID card whenever you need it

Track your benefits, deductibles and expenses

View your claims status and details

Compare costs at different facilities

Estimate costs for medical procedures and services

Search providers who are in-network and doctors who are close to you

See doctor expertise, specialties and education

See doctor awards and recognitions

Pay premium bills quickly and easily

What you should know

The availability of specific tools depends on the member plan.

Anyone can access the Find a Doctor tool without logging in, but for a more personalized experience and for cost information, members should log in to Blue Connect.

In a life-threatening emergency you should always call 911 and/or go the nearest Emergency Room, but in non-critical situations, you can save time and money at an Urgent Care center.