API Access

for Payers

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Payer register with BCBSNC?

As a payer, you can create an account and start the registration process from this page.

How will I know if I have been approved for access to the BCBSNC API’s?

An email will be sent to the Payers document email address requesting the Payer to come and get its authentication tokens.

What information do I need to register as a Payer?

We will need you to provide information about your company URL, privacy policy URL, and redirect URL. We will also need you to tell us whether you can meet several technical requirements, including support for OpenID Connect Core 1.0 and OAuth 2.0; your ability to conform to HL7 Technical Standards; and your ability to securely store tokens. We will also want you to tell us whether you adhere to the CARIN Code of Conduct.

How long will my registration take?

BCBSNC will do our best to approve a registration but there is no defined SLA or timeline.

Can my registration status change after my initial approval? If so, what do I do?

Yes, once approved to access the BCBSNC Payer API’s, BCBSNC reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Payer access based on BCBSNC security concerns. If a Payer is suspended or terminated, the Payer contact should logon to the Payer registration portal and communicate with BCBSNC to request a change to the status.

How will BCBSNC contact the Payer if there are questions about the initial registration data?

As part of the registration process BCBSNC asks for a contact email and phone number. We will send an email requesting additional information expecting the Payer owner will respond. Any additional responses should be updated in the Portal by the Payer.

Who do I contact if I am unable to use the access tokens with the API to successfully get an approved customer’s information?

Send an email outlining your issues to cms-appregistration@bcbsnc.com with the subject line:”Payer Registration”.

What do the Payer statuses mean?

Approved – The Payer is approved and can use the BCBSNC API’s.

Pending – The Payer’s request is submitted and being reviewed by BCBSNC.

Suspended – There is an issue with the Payer and how it is interacting with BCBSNC infrastructure. BCBSNC is blocking a Payer access to the API.

Terminated – BCBSNC has determined the Payer access is a security issue to BCBSNC. The Payers access has been revoked. To regain access the Payer will have to re-register via the registration portal.